Founded in 1998 to specialize in and provide XML/DITA Information Architecture and Component Content Management services.

Since 2012, A-Jour Net has managed using Agile development methodologies and focused on DITA content architectures.

With over 22 years experience in XML/DITA and Component Content Management (CCM) strategy, development and support, A-Jour Net is uniquely positioned to provide real-world solutions to Marketing and Technical Documentation content problems.

A-Jour Net has a proven track record of business results enabling cost savings of of 40%-80% and cycle time reductions of of 30%-50%.

A system defined, implemented and supported by A-Jour Net resulted in over $100M in total savings for the customer.

À-Jour [a jhur] : (French)

1 : extending up to the present time :
including the latest information

2 : abreast of the times

Net ['net] :

1 : an open-meshed fabric twisted, knotted, or woven together at regular intervals

2 : an entrapping device or situation

3: a group of communications (bis) operating in unity

Resources Available (November 2020)

  • Project Management / Business Analysis
  • Application Development and Maintenance